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The Redeemer Report is now Life in the Gospel — a quarterly publication focused on gospel-changed hearts, minds, lives, and communities.

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Casey Smith
Youth Group Mission Trip to Uganda (April 2014)

Center for Faith & Work
Cheri Bachofer
Don't Walk By (April 2014)

Chris Dolan
NYC Re-Imagined (April 2014)

Chris McNerney
The Loss of Lent (April 2014)

Christian Wolfe
A Fantastic Freelance Gig (April 2014)

Christina Stanton
January is Missions Month at Redeemer (January 2019)
Madagascar Missions Trip 2018 (September 2018)
Cape Town, South Africa mission trip (September 2018)
Short-Term Mission to Madagascar (January 2018)
Short Term Mission trips of 2018 (November 2017)
Cultivate awareness of Redeemer’s Short-Term Missions ministry (December 2016)
January is Missions Month at Redeemer (December 2015)
Redeemer Short Term mission teams 2015 (October 2015)
January is Missions Month at Redeemer! (January 2015)
January is Missions Month (May 2014)
Missions Sunday at Redeemer (April 2014)

Christine Choe
Discovering God’s design for community (February 2017)

Christopher K.
Reflections from Theology of Work Class, Summer 2012 (April 2014)

Chuck Armstrong
For the good of our neighborhood (May 2018)
Because someone nominated me (November 2016)

Clara Lee
The Story of City to City and the Birth of 300 Churches (September 2014)
CTC Conferences in Hong Kong and Sydney (May 2014)
New York City Pastors Gather Monthly at West 83rd Ministry Center (April 2014)

Corrie Mitchell
Thank You for Making Stories of Hope Possible (April 2017)
From the gutter to a family at Brooklyn Teen Challenge (February 2017)
Hope for New York 25th anniversary (October 2016)

Cregan Cooke
The Redeemer Report Newsletter becomes Life in the Gospel Quarterly (December 2019)
Changed Lives Change the City (August 2019)
30 years of growing a gospel movement in NYC (April 2019)
The unavoidable generosity of Christmas (December 2018)
Formed to stand with the hope of the gospel (January 2018)
Through Personal Ministry, God Brings Renewal (August 2016)
Redeemer's 25th anniversary hardcover book is available for order (May 2015)
25 Years of Ministry in NYC — Thanks Be to God! (April 2014)
A Redeemer iPhone App? Yep! (April 2014)
How Apple Pie Changes Lives—Youth Group’s 14th Annual Pie Sale: November 21 (April 2014)
What Should I Do Next? (April 2014)
Teens Today, Leaders Tomorrow (April 2014)
Sr. High Students Plan MissionTrip to Uganda (April 2014)
Youth Group to Host “Restaurant Night” to Raise Funds for Orphans in Uganda (April 2014)
Youth Group Restaurant Night A Success (April 2014)
Is New York YOUR City? (April 2014)

Daniel Lee
The Scandal of Generosity (April 2014)
Beta Groups and God’s Fashion Sense (April 2014)

Dave Evans
CFW’s inaugural Entrepreneur-in-Residence (June 2016)

David Bisgrove
When it comes to our finances, we put out the “Do Not Disturb” sign (August 2018)
Moving into the neighborhood: UWS (December 2017)
Christians as agents of reconciliation (December 2016)
New staff hires for the West Side (April 2016)
Public Faith for 25 Years (May 2014)
Moving In (April 2014)
W83 Building to Open in February 2012! (April 2014)
Lent and Outreach – “P6X40” (April 2014)
Our Living Hope (April 2014)

David Kim
CFW 4th annual conference in November: "Making All Things New: Imagination and Innovation Required" (January 2015)
Why Emphasize Faith & Work Integration? Reflecting on the Role of CFW as RPC Celebrates 25 Years (September 2014)
Announcing This Year’s EI Forum: Disruption (May 2014)
Humanizing Work (April 2014)
Overworked and Looking for Love (April 2014)
A Pastor’s Perspective on the Gotham Fellowship (April 2014)
Does Your Work Matter to God? (April 2014)
Launching the Gotham Fellowship (April 2014)
A Reason for Hope (April 2014)
The Gotham Fellowship Class of 2010 (April 2014)

David Plant
Youth ministry: Captured by an Idea (April 2014)
Youth Leaders in Space (April 2014)
Youth Group Mission Trip to Uganda (April 2014)
What is a “Piggery”? (April 2014)
Youth Group “Restaurant Night” for Orphans in Uganda (April 2014)
Redeemer Hires A Youth Group Director–Me! (April 2014)
What Does “Born Again” Look Like? (April 2014)

Detra Thomas
DeWanda Miller
The Blessing of Accountability (April 2014)

Elise Chong
How HFNY is strengthening our city (December 2019)
Join HFNY to see every New Yorker flourish (December 2017)
The next ten years with Hope for New York (October 2017)
Make this a Christmas of hope (December 2016)
This Easter, give to the poor of our city through Hope for New York (February 2016)
Equipping Our Church to Do Justice and Love Mercy (September 2014)
HFNY:A Year to Remember (April 2014)
Hope for New York’s 2010 Grant Distribution—Over 1 Million! (April 2014)

Elizabeth and Michael Rigby
Our Weakness, God’s Strength (April 2014)

Erick and Missy Sorenson
Making more church plants possible (June 2016)

Esther Larson
Compassion in Action: HFNY Distributes $1.3 Million in Grants (May 2014)

Eva Ting
Identity, intersection and incarnation at W83 (April 2016)

Fay Sardjono
HFNY’s Charity Bike Ride: Stewarding our possessions, time, relationships and legs (August 2014)

Gena Lee
Faith & Work Transformation: 3-Month Vocational Intensives (May 2014)

Georgia Noyan
Book Review: “Life Together,” By Dietrich Bonhoeffer (April 2014)

Glenn Sparico
Gotham Fellowship: Seeing the City with New Eyes (April 2014)

Gotham 2013 Alumnus
Challenge accepted:  A Gotham Fellowship reflection (February 2016)