HFNY’s Charity Bike Ride: Stewarding our possessions, time, relationships and legs

It’s nearly impossible to go one day without encountering need — someone whose life has been overtaken by addiction, trafficking victims in our local news or the disabled man asking for help right outside Hope for New York’s office.

In the face of so much pain and suffering, we may feel helpless, overwhelmed or cynical about the possibility of change. We may feel like we have nothing to offer.

In reality, we have everything to offer. All that we have — our relationships, our influence, even the ease with which we can communicate — are gifts from God and we have the opportunity to share and use them to bring greater joy and flourishing to this city.

HFNY’s annual Charity Bike Ride, which takes place on September 20, presents an amazing opportunity for you to share your gifts. Last year, over 100 participants who love and follow Christ brought him their bikes, time, influence, relationships, and all the power in their legs to raise over $100,000 from over 800 donors. Those funds were part of the total amount HFNY distributed in 2013 — approximately $1.3 million to organizations serving the poor and marginalized, providing Thanksgiving dinners for over 250 families in need, over 3,000 toys for children at Christmastime, over 20,000 meals for the homeless, and more.

#TeamHFNY members stewarded their relationships for more than social activity, they leveraged their networks to advocate for New Yorkers in need. They stewarded their bikes and time for more than stress relief and exercise — they turned them into tools that God used to renew the city.

As HFNY gears up for this year’s Bike Ride, we ask each of you:

• Do you own or can you rent a bike?

• Do you have friends, family and colleagues?

• Do you have the ability to communicate?

• Do you have a few hours to train this summer?

If the answer to all of the above is yes, then will you prayerfully consider using all those gifts to join us in our Charity Bike Ride this year? You’ll serve the city with #TeamHFNY (click here for pics), a group passionate about mercy and justice. All levels are welcome! Strength and community-building rides are available, and you can choose one of four distances for race day: 25, 50, 65 or 100 miles.

When we turn to God, offer to be his hands and feet, and then faithfully join him in his redemptive work, we no longer have to feel so helpless in the face of pain and suffering. Bring what you have to him — in this instance, perhaps your bike and your legs — and join our mighty and compassionate king in the work of healing our city.

Learn more about HFNY’s Annual Charity Bike Ride on September 20 at hfny.org/bikeride.

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