What is a “Piggery”?

According to Webster’s, a piggery is “a place where swine are kept.” It is also a place where members of Redeemer’s Youth will be spending a portion of their summer. Come July 14, four leaders and eight students will fly into Kampala, and drive northeast toward the Nile, to the city of Jinga. Once there, the students will meet face to face with two communities they’ve long supported with prayer and resources.

The AIDS Orphans Support Trust (TAOST) and Redeemer’s Youth are “old friends,” having worked together now for three years to create a sustainable school for orphans who’ve been affected by AIDS and HIV. Through various fund raisers this student ministry has provided for things like: annual rent for the TAOST school building, school supplies for hundreds of students, school uniforms (including shoes) for every student and Bibles in their native language. All of these have helped to bring about a higher level of education, attracting a greater number of regularly attending students.

With the start-up school now over the initial “hump,” we will be able to officially say “farewell” to TAOST, and begin a new relationship with another community in need just down the road. It is at Rock Primary School, where Redeemer students will work to create a pig farm. The hope is that this “piggery” will sustain Rock Primary with financial resources for years to come.

Our team needs your prayers and support. Please pray regularly for us this summer. Pray for the team’s preparations, safety and health, and for the students and teachers of TAOST and Rock Primary School whom we will be serving. Also please consider supporting our team. The amount needed to cover costs of travel, lodging, supplies and vaccinations for the entire team is $36,000.

If you would like to help us financially, you can make a donation online: https://giving. redeemer.com/giving/gift. Select: Jinja, Uganda Youth Team 2011.

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