30 years of growing a gospel movement in NYC

In Redeemer’s early years and for many years thereafter, the Holy Spirit did an amazing thing in the hearts of those who were regular attenders. He made the people of Redeemer’s community unabashed bringers of their friends. This made Redeemer unique in its makeup and a compelling example how church was relevant and welcoming to anyone.

As the Redeemer Family of Churches & Ministries looks ahead to it’s 30th birthday this September, it is focusing on reenergizing that same bringer mentality with every person who calls Redeemer their church home. One of the cornerstones of Redeemer’s vision is to be a community where people who are exploring the claims of Christianity feel their questions are heard and addressed, and where it is safe to deliberate on the plausibility of the gospel. In every worship service, group meeting and event, Redeemer’s hope and desire is to be a place where people discover the life changing power and beauty of the gospel. We hope and pray that this missional mindset will eventually bring about renewal to every corner of the city.

With the addition of East Harlem in October this fall, the Redeemer church family will be holding 10 worship services across 6 different locations around Manhattan (East Side, West Side, Downtown, Lincoln Square, Downtown LAB and East Harlem). To realize the vision of a city renewed by the gospel it will take every one of us to be committed bringers of our friends. And it takes the time, talents and financial resources of everyone who believes in this vision to steward it forward. So whether you live on East 84th St. in Manhattan, or are a friend in Tupelo, Mississippi, we invite you to pray that God would continue to use Redeemer to bring the hope of the gospel to more of NYC and that the Holy Spirit would energize every person who attends a Redeemer worship service to be a bringer of their friends.

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