Thank You for Making Stories of Hope Possible

Thank you to those of you who gave to Hope for New York’s Easter Sacrificial Offering! We’re so grateful for your partnership in loving and serving our neighbors in need across the city.

Your gift will help make more stories of hope—like Destiny’s—possible. Destiny grew up in the foster care system where there was a lot of sexual and physical abuse. She grew up feeling unloved and uncared for, and at 17, she found out she was pregnant. She and her son, Julian, ended up living in a homeless shelter. Destiny describes that time as the worst point of her life. She didn’t want to live anymore. That’s when she met Tiffany, a staff member with YoungLives.

"I’d never experienced that type of motherly love before, and it’s crazy to know that’s just a glimpse of how my God feels," Destiny said. "It’s incredible to know that Someone wanted me from the beginning, and that I have Him as my Father. It still feels weird to say, but I know it’s true."

Thank you, again, from all of us at Hope for New York, for joining in our vision for a city in which all New Yorkers flourish.

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