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The Redeemer Report is now Life in the Gospel — a quarterly publication focused on gospel-changed hearts, minds, lives, and communities.

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Greg Buechele
The Body of Christ Through DUF (April 2014)

Greg Clark
Experiences In Giving (December 2016)

Greg Nance
Amazing Grace (April 2014)

Hally Chu
Seeking shalom through Redeemer City Walks (April 2016)

Harrison Hollingsworth, Downtown AM Music Director
Beethoven and Jesus (April 2018)

Heather Trussell
The Power of Prayer (April 2014)

Hilary Merlo
Gotham: A new vision for work (January 2018)

Hope for New York
Five ways to pray for Don’t Walk By and our homeless neighbors (January 2019)
Hope through Graffiti (May 2018)
Meet the 8-year-old from Redeemer East Side who ran for his neighbors in need (April 2018)
Easter Sacrificial Offering (February 2018)
How Don’t Walk By will change your view of NYC (January 2018)

Howard Freeman
“Full Humanity” Through Generosity (April 2014)
Feeling Financially Healthy? (April 2014)
Tending to Others Generously (April 2014)
My Soul, My Life, My All (April 2014)
Generous Sacrifice, Generous Community (April 2014)
Shrinking Money (April 2014)
Seed for the City (April 2014)
The Gift of “I Do” (April 2014)
God’s Generous Gift of the Spirit (April 2014)
What is the Motivation for Generosity? (April 2014)
RENEW Campaign Segues to Replanting (April 2014)
Why We Give (April 2014)
Generosity as Art (April 2014)
God’s Easter Gift (April 2014)
An Uncommon Call for the Common Good: Vision Campaign 2009 (April 2014)
Bringing Nothing In, Taking Nothing Out (April 2014)

Isabel Lodge
A Beta Group testimony (October 2015)

Jane Frazier
Many Beautiful Things: A movie you probably never heard of (and shouldn’t miss) (February 2016)

Jeff White
Public Faith and the Practice of Hospitality (April 2014)

Jennifer Chan
The Promise of Hope Fund (April 2014)
Redeemer Summer Mini Courses Are Back! (April 2014)

Jenny Chang
The Redeemer Diaconate: Embodying God’s mercy to those in need (November 2018)
Equipped to serve: New Diaconate candidates grow in their knowledge of mercy (April 2018)
Taking God’s Mercy and Love into the New Year (January 2018)
Let Mercy Inspire You this Month (November 2016)
Your keen eye needed (October 2014)
The Redeemer Diaconate: 1991-2014 (September 2014)
Walking with God Through Pain & Suffering (April 2014)
With Hearts Full of Gratitude (April 2014)

Jerry Dienes
Niggle and me: Imagine if your work really mattered (May 2018)

Jessica Hong
My belief in the prosperity gospel (June 2018)
S1NGLE: God’s Gifts, Our Plans (April 2014)

Jessica Su
Assessing discipleship at Redeemer (June 2017)

Joanna Stephens
2012 Gospel & Culture Conference: A Personal Reflection (April 2014)

Joe and Connie Ricci
The Redeemer Lincoln Square Report (September 2017)

Joel Kady
Lessons on discouragement from Haggai (December 2018)

John Elwood
John Stott and Caring for God’s Creation (April 2014)

John Lin
The generosity of relational hospitality (January 2018)
Great Hope for Our City (September 2014)
Downtown Congregation’s First Anniversary (April 2014)
Downtown Congregation Secures New Meeting Space at 120 West 14th St. (April 2014)
Launching The Downtown Congregation and The Hurricane (April 2014)
Downtown to Begin Worship Services October 21st (April 2014)
Celebrating the Downtown Challenge (April 2014)
Welcome (back!) Jeff White (April 2014)
Christmas Eve Downtown (April 2014)
Join the Rebirth of Downtown Manhattan (April 2014)
(100) Prayer Walks of Summer (April 2014)
Why Formal Membership in a Church? (April 2014)
Gospel in Life (April 2014)
Membership and Vision (April 2014)

Johnathan Agrelius
Fall Vocational Intensives (December 2015)

Jordan Tanksley
God is doing a new thing (November 2018)

Josh Gotwalt
Public Faith: Classroom, Crossword Puzzles and a May/December Friendship (April 2014)

Josh Simmons
Redeemer DT Folk Band Plays in Union Square Park (April 2014)

Josiah Haken
Five things to know about our neighbors experiencing homelessness (February 2019)

Judy Cha
Make a year end gift to support Redeemer Counseling (December 2019)
Tools for equipping caregivers (January 2017)
A Look Back at Redeemer Counseling Services (September 2014)

Juliet Vedral
How to Get Well Soon(er) (April 2014)
Kingdom Centered Time Management (April 2014)
The Well and Pray On (April 2014)
What Does “Born Again” Look Like? (April 2014)

Justin Adour
Redeemer East Harlem launches in October! (September 2019)