W83 Building to Open in February 2012!

When we first set out to find our own space it was a major shift in the way we imagined Redeemer’s life in the city. We had flourished as a nomadic congregation, renting space on the Upper East and Upper West Side. But as we contemplated the next phase of our vision it became clear that planting roots in the city would enhance our capacity to love and serve our neighbors. So in the fall of 2005 during the Vision Campaign, our membership and leaders agreed it was time for us to purchase a Ministry Center/ Worship Space.

With the money given during the 2005 Campaign we began our search for a property and made a down payment on a parking garage on W. 83rd Street. After 2 years of construction, it is nearly ready to open. Looking back, it is incredible to see the ways in which God has led our congregation to this place. When we ran the Vision Campaign in 2005 our theme was: “Serving Our Neighbors, Changing the World.” This theme, which our church community seeks to live out daily, will have added meaning with the opening of the W83 building.

With our own worship space we have the opportunity to grow from five to six Sunday services! This is great news as we’ve learned from past experience that new people, especially those unfamiliar with church, are uncomfortable trying to find a seat in a crowded service. Our 9:15AM and 5:00PM services have been near capacity for more than a year and we hate sending visitors to the “overflow” space. We hope and pray that many in our congregation, particularly on the West Side, will take this opportunity to invite their friends who are not Christians to come to a worship service in our new space.

When the building opens we will hold four services at W83: 9:15AM, 11:15AM, 5:00PM and 7:00PM. The 11:15AM service will be a new additional West Side service. Both the new building and the additional service create opportunities to contribute to the hospitality and community building of Redeemer’s Westside. We will need to mobilize scores of new volunteers to help out with things like hospitality, children, and ushering, to name a few. If you have been thinking of serving at Redeemer, there has never been a better time. Ways to help in our new ministry space: www.redeemer.com/w83serve.

Thank you for your ongoing support and prayer for all God is doing through Redeemer.

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