The Redeemer Report Newsletter becomes Life in the Gospel Quarterly

After nearly three decades, the Redeemer Report newsletter is changing from a monthly church newsletter to a Gospel in Life quarterly digital journal, highlighting a variety of stories from across Redeemer’s network and Gospel in Life’s partners. In our new journal we’ll feature stories of gospel renewal and how God is growing a gospel movement. This change will take place after the December 2019 issue. In March 2020 this newsletter will be relaunched as Life in the Gospel Quarterly.

Life in the Gospel will be based on the premise that “the gospel changes everything.” There will be sections dedicated to Gospel Changed Minds (teaching from scripture, about anything culturally or personally relevant); Gospel Changed Lives (individual stories of conversion); Gospel Changed Hearts (stories of repentance, reconciliation and justice highlighting individuals whose lives have been renewed by the gospel); and Gospel Changed Cities — this category will be the broadest and where we will feature stories of renewal from gospel centered ministries like Hope for New York, Center for Faith & Work, Redeemer Counseling Center and Redeemer City to City. We will share stories about communities, neighborhoods and whole cities that have been renewed and reshaped by the gospel.

Over time, the reporting of many of the stories and happenings in the weekly life of Redeemer’s churches has naturally migrated to the regular email updates that each of the Redeemer churches send out to their congregants. We wanted to feature stories and updates about what God is doing through Redeemer across the country and to the thousands of followers who are using the gospel teaching and resources provided by Gospel in Life.

We will produce issues in March, June, September and December. We heartily solicit testimonies and stories from the entire Redeemer family (as well as out of town former members and well-wishers) of how the gospel has changed minds, lives, hearts, and communities. We cannot possibly do this without your input, so we sincerely ask you to get in touch about any story in one of those categories. We will work with you to write it up, or write it entirely if you prefer, but please let us hear from you at [email protected]

This is a significant change for all of us. However, we’re confident that it will bring you more stories and deeper coverage of how God is working to bring about hope and renewal to our friends and neighbors in NYC and other places around the world.

Thank you for reading the Redeemer Report. We look forward to reconnecting with you in March!

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