Cape Town, South Africa mission trip

Our Cape Town team served this year July 18 to 29. This was our second time going to the Nomzamo township, where the team focused on the ministries of Pastor Peter Makapela and Christ Church Strand. Pastor Peter ministers to those who are poverty-stricken in his area through various outreach programs. He also offers Bible studies and Sunday services each week. The team joined Pastor Peter and helped with their regular programs and offered special events.

Since the team was serving during Mandela Day — a national holiday of service work — we helped host a lunch for children and senior citizens in Siyayanzela, an impoverished settlement. The team heard speeches from local Elders, was treated to dances by a local troupe, and enjoyed the company of about 300 people!

Our other projects included hosting a special dinner for senior citizens and two children’s programs. We also offered multiple events for teenagers such as Bible studies and a movie night, complete with ice cream sundaes. We volunteered at the church’s day care center, where we gifted the 70 children with back-to-school supplies we had brought with us in our luggage. The kids were so excited by the supplies, which were donated by Redeemerite Joy Booker. We hosted several appreciation dinners to thank local hard-working volunteers, such as the staff of Christ Church Strand and a pastor and his wife who are starting up a church. We also hosted a braai (a BBQ) for other pastors and their spouses.

Finally, we hosted a three-church Faith and Work event, where we gave testimonies of how faith affected our work life in New York City. About 60 people attended, and the evening was considered a great success. We were also privileged to share our testimonies of how God changed our lives at almost every event we attended throughout the week.

The team took part in cultural activities in order to learn about the area’s past. We went to a museum dedicated to apartheid-era laws governing workers and their living quarters, and took a tour of the city of Cape Town. We also attended the Sunday services of two of Redeemer City to City’s network churches, Hope City and Pro Deo, to learn more about other ministries in the Cape Town area. We learned from locals by praying for them in their homes, and we went to two Bible studies held in a shack in Siyayanzela. We were able to tour a local township high school (where we donated a computer), and had tea with the principal and some staff. We also toured another non-profit, Beautiful Gate, and learned how they are serving the poor in their community. These events gave us a much deeper understanding of the local people and culture.

The team is very excited about continuing this wonderful trip in the future!

We were so blessed to have a mission team from Redeemer Presbyterian Church New York at the end of July. The team was such a blessing to our church and our community. We thank God for this team, every time they come here they leave such an impact. May the Lord continue to use them for the glory of His name.
— Pastor Peter Makapela

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