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The Redeemer Report is now Life in the Gospel — a quarterly publication focused on gospel-changed hearts, minds, lives, and communities.

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A Male Survivor
Freedom Through Greater Healing (April 2014)

Aaron Bjerke
Jesus Outside the Lines by Scott Sauls: A book review (May 2015)
Growing Together in the Word (April 2014)

Abby Countant
Diaconate Mercy Fund Special Offering: Sunday, December 19, 2010 (April 2014)

Abe Cho
Grace we can hardly bear (December 2017)
Beginning a new ministry (October 2015)
Transfiguration in cultural engagement (February 2015)
Public Faith: A Language of Persuasion (April 2014)
Catalyst Labs: Innovating New Lay-Driven Ministries for the City (April 2014)
Catalyst: Activating People for Ministry (April 2014)
Catalyst Begins the Week of October 3rd (April 2014)
A Grace & Race Symposium: The Church & The Experience of Multi-Ethnic America (April 2014)

Al Barth
Chicago: City to City North America officially launches with conference (August 2018)
Tipping Point in Europe (April 2014)

Alison Lytton
Baptizing the Imagination (April 2014)

Amanda Wachemuth
Financial Services Ministry Leader Training (April 2014)

Amelia Peterson
A Really Good Story (April 2014)

Amilee Watkins
Why Sidewalks, Plazas, & Bike Lanes Matter to God (April 2014)
Why Tree Frogs Need Believers (April 2014)
New! 2012 Faith and Work Nights (April 2014)
Gospel & Culture Lectures Year at a Glance (April 2014)
Why Work Matters: Gospel & Culture Lectures (April 2014)

Amy Alexander
Generous Hearts, Generous Hands (April 2014)
Missions Month July 2011 (April 2014)

Amy Roebke
Vacation Bible School July 15-19 (April 2014)

Angela Adour
A season to think about TV (and other things) (February 2019)

Angela Fung
Renewal Groups:  Reconnecting with ourselves and each other through intuitive eating (August 2016)

Anita NK Sung
Meeting the mental health needs of the city with Counseling Groups and Workshops (September 2019)

Basil Kim
The Marriage Seminar: A Personal Reaction (April 2014)

Ben Davis
Humanizing Work: 2013 CFW Conference Experience (April 2014)

Ben Waller
Beta Groups start in September (July 2017)

Bethany Griffith
Kids and community (October 2014)

Bethany Jenkins
"I'm in" (February 2016)

Bijan Mirtolooi
This Fall, commit to community (September 2019)
The hidden hand of God (May 2019)
Resurrection and Bible Reading (April 2019)
On being a neighbor (January 2018)
Formation: A new community (October 2017)
Alone I Would Not Have Done It (April 2014)
Youth Leaders in Space (April 2014)

Bill Stuntz
More Cancer (April 2014)

Brent Bounds
Families Rooted for Generations (September 2014)
The W83rd Street Ministry Center in Action (April 2014)
Family Ministry Update (April 2014)

Bruce Terrell
Relief funds help rebuild African-American churches (February 2018)
Turning the page in our story (July 2017)
What is particularization and how do we get there from here? (February 2017)
An Everest-like effort and blessing: Vacation bible school 2015 (August 2015)
A New Home (March 2015)
A Time to Pray, A Call to Serve (April 2014)
An Uncommon Call for the Common Good: Vision Campaign 2009 (April 2014)

Bruno Interlandi
Church Planting International Intensive: A restaurant review (November 2014)

C. J. Masimore
A Gospel and Culture Glimpse (April 2014)

Calvin Chin
Ei Forum—RISK: Faith or Folly? (April 2014)
Annual Ei Business Plan Competition (April 2014)
How Might You Re-imagine Power? (April 2014)
2012 Ei Forum: Re-Imagine Power (April 2014)
Business Plan Competition (April 2014)
EI Forum: Creation and Creativity (April 2014)

Candace Chung
Doing justice and loving mercy (June 2016)

Carey Wallace
Creating unexpected connections at W83 Ministry Center (January 2019)
CFW’s 2015 conference: You had to be there (November 2015)

Caroline Royal
Youth Ministry Pie Bake is raising funds for mercy & justice (November 2016)

Caroline Yoon
Autism and Your Church (April 2014)