06 2011

Gospel & Culture Lectures Year at a Glance

Last year the Center for Faith & Work initiated a monthly lecture series to engage the broader Redeemer congregation, particularly those who are not available to regularly participate in monthly vocation groups. The goal of the series was to help process what it looks like for Christians to participate in culture. 

What is the link between the gospel and culture? Our work! As creatures made in the image of God, we reflect his character—of cultivation, of creation, of molding and shaping. In our daily work, as we steward the gifts and skills we’ve been given, we have the greatest ability to both create and influence culture. By looking at the society around us from various vantage points over the course of the past year our guest lecturers have helped to point us towards where God’s Spirit is at work and how we can join into His work of renewing all things.




CFW Group





Apr 2010


N. T. Wright

After you Believe

In light of the resurrection, we are new creatures,

more fully human, given a tangible purpose of

participating in God’s work of building for his


Oct 2010



Jeff Van Duzer

Why Business 

Matters to God 

Exploring the purpose of business through the

lens of the biblical narrative reveals its created 

good as being intended for the service of society,

its brokenness displayed in both individuals 

and institutions, and a vision of its potential to

serve God’s purposes of renewal.


Nov 2010



Andy Crouch

Creating Power

In opposition to Nietzsche’s view of power as a

force of domination, the biblical view of power 

shows us an all-powerful god creating mankind

in his image, and pouring out his power to make 

all things flourish. Through worship, we are

re-oriented towards this God in order to steward

our power in like manner.

Jan 2011 All CFW

Tim Keller

Why Work Matters to God

God matters to our work and our work matters

to God. He has given us co-regency over His

creation, to cultivate and steward all things 

towards their intended end—that is, His glory.

Our work is thereby not only validated but

also vital to his purposes.

Feb 2011

Arts Ministry

Adrienne Chaplin

Art Matters for  God's Sake

The arts saturate our culture and if Christians

are not shaping the arts, they are certainly

being shaped by them. Thus, the call to

transform culture is as necessary in the arts

as in any other area of culture. The arts nurture

our imagination and encourage empathy,

allowing us to make sense of the world, to

experience the transcendent, and thereby to

be as fully human as God intended. 


Mar 2011



Robert George

Natural Law, God,

& Human Dignity 

Natural law provides a compelling basis—for

both those inside and outside the church—for

human rights and social structures that promote 

human flourishing.


Apr 2011



Os Guinness

Challenging the 

Darkness: Towards

a New Christian


We are living in an age that yearns for a new

Reformation, but one of humility and realism.

As followers of Christ, we must acknowledge

the brokenness of the church alongside the

brokenness of culture and rely upon the unique

and powerful cultural dynamics of the Kingdom 

and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in

seeking cultural renewal. 


May 2011



James K. A. Smith

Culture as Liturgy

We are primarily creatures of love and

desire—creatures created to worship. Cultural

institutions put forth varying ideas of human

flourishing. The “liturgies” (rituals, practices)

inherent in culture form and shape human beings

into creatures who desire the specified end-goal.

The practices of Christian worship bring about

a counter-formation—in essence, re-ordering

our loves that we may desire the kingdom. 


June 2011



Douglas Johnston



Bridging the

Religious Divide

Emphasizing the tenet taught by Muhammad

that God created people to do good works,

and therefore Muslims are to respect people

of other faiths, Johnston enters diplomatic

relations in the Middle East with the name

of Jesus. He has found that operating on

faith-based principles rather than a secular 

construct provides grounds for cross-cultural






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