New! 2012 Faith and Work Nights

2012 Faith & Work Nights
The last Monday night of the month:
February 27, March 26, April 30, May 21
at Redeemer W83 St. Building

For eight years the Center for Faith & Work has focused on equipping the people of Redeemer with gospel-centered worldviews of their vocations, connecting our congregants with others working in similar fields via vocation groups, and mobilizing the community in gospel-driven cultural renewal throughout this city.

As a church we will continue our focus on holistic integration of the gospel in our Monday through Saturday lives, while still allowing space for new inward-facing initiatives that serve our community. Thanks to the new W83 building, CFW can rethink how we meet as vocation groups and support faith/work leadership while at the same time serving the distinctive congregations.

Beginning in February all 17 of the current Redeemer vocation groups will meet on the last Monday of each month at the new building. The beauty of meeting all together on the same night each month is three fold:

1. Practically: The calendar is simplified! We hope that this will enable fellowship groups, spouses, friends, and roommates to attend together rather than having multiple nights of divided schedules. Mondays at Redeemer have traditionally been reserved for “all-church” events, thus we hope not to conflict with fellowship groups. Additionally, sharing resources of space, food, and time makes good economical sense as we consider wise stewardship in the coming year.

2. Theologically: CFW can provide a time of common equipping and training led by the pastors of Redeemer. The 100+ vocation group leaders will continue creating and leading the vocational breakouts as they take the truths of the gospel and challenge one another with applications within their respective fields.

3. Missionally: While attendees of vocation groups share the commonality of vocation, they live, work, and serve throughout the entire city. Maintaining the centrality of Redeemer’s faith & work focus builds vital relationships citywide and allows the potential for the greatest gospel-impact on a broad scale as organic opportunities to mobilize arise.

The Center for Faith & Work, as a central ministry serving all of Redeemer, looks forward to supporting each congregation and working alongside David, John, & Leo.

We hope that whether you are an established part of CFW or a curious newcomer you will join us for our monthly Faith & Work Night.

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