A Gospel and Culture Glimpse

‘Excuse me, but does this arepa have eternal significance?” This isn’t necessarily something you’d ask the clerk at your favorite arepa stand, but after joining the Friday night Glimpse (part of Redeemer’s Gospel & Culture Conference), you may consider the question.

After God called the world into existence, he mandated humans to civilize creation through social and cultural development. The unfolding of culture and society is integral to God’s creation…giving profound meaning to the jazz in the East Village, trading at the New York Stock Exchange and the Chinatown immigrant experience. As New Yorkers, we are uniquely situated in relation to social and cultural development such that we often see glimpses of God’s good creation in a piece of art at the Met, a brilliantly performed rock opera, or yes, even in an arepa. These cultural nuggets are the things that draw many of us to the city and in which we often find joy amidst an otherwise chaotic metropolis.

The Gospel and Culture conference on November 4-5, 2011, kicks off with an evening in which conference participants engage New York City and its culture through Glimpses. A wide selection of cultural events is available to help us Glimpse God’s glory and sovereignty over all things. Led by people involved in our various ministries, the Glimpse leaders will be sharing their particular cultural interests in New York City with the rest of our conference participants. Throughout the evening, we will explore how God is working through social and cultural development to further Creation and examine aspects of New York City that point toward the New Jerusalem—including that amazing arepa.

On Saturday, November 5, the conference will continue at St. Bart’s church with a full day of interacting with practitioners from many sectors of culture and industry. The gospel brings a unique perspective and purpose to our daily lives, and this immersive, interactive conference will encourage you to see that God is indeed actively involved in every inch of this great city.

Register for the conference online at: www.faithandwork.org/gc2011.

Volunteer and receive a discounted registration. Email Amilee Watkins: [email protected].

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