Generous Hearts, Generous Hands

Over the last several months, the Redeemer community has been learning a broader definition of “generosity” when it comes to our ministry, hospitality, power, wealth and relationships. This yearlong theme has been trickling down to the youngest Redeemer attendees through several service projects the Children’s Ministry and Hope for New York have hosted.

One event was called Boxes of Love. The children packed donated food that was delivered to homes throughout New York. After this event Redeemer families were invited to bring toys to church to sponsor His Toy Store. There are His Toy Stores around the city where parents in need were able to select Christmas gifts for their children. Some Redeemer families not only donated toys but also helped host the events. At one of His Toy Stores, some of our families brought their children to the South Bronx for a Birthday Party for Jesus where Redeemer children and the neighborhood children were able to celebrate together as some of the parents selected Christmas gifts.

At Redeemer’s Birthday Party for Jesus, the children had the opportunity to wrap gifts for children who are part of A House on Beekman in the South Bronx. In January the west side congregation packed hygiene care kits for those in our neighborhood without homes. These kits are being hand delivered throughout February during Hope for New York’s Don’t Walk By campaign.

During Sunday School the children have been talking about gratefulness. As we thank God for all he has done, our prayer is that as our hearts become grateful, our hands would become generous. The children have decorated “hands” and they are hung on the third floor of West 83rd as a visual of all God is doing to build generous hearts and generous hands at Redeemer this year.

We invite you to be part of what God is doing in the children of Redeemer. You are welcome to visit a class and to consider joining a children’s ministry volunteer team. You are needed!

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