A New Home

Most New Yorkers are well acquainted with changing apartments fairly frequently. Just recently, one of our pastors revealed he had moved five times in his first two years of living in the city.

After being long-term residents of ten years at 1359 Broadway, on February 23 our Redeemer offices moved just a few blocks away to 1166 Avenue of the Americas (or 6th Avenue, between 45th and 46th). Our new "residence" on the 16th floor is the new home for Redeemer church offices, Counseling Services, Hope for New York, and City to City. We take up the full floor…making life easier for everyone.

The impetus for the move was the expiration of our ten year lease. After an intense search process, the new sublease space was identified and underwent eight weeks of renovation construction. Now, only about a 12% increase in annual rent from what it would have cost to renew our lease at 1359 Broadway, we now have approximately 40% more usable space. That allows us to increase the office area for each ministry team, triple our number of conference rooms, and add much-needed collaboration space, including a large café area. Also, we were also able to do the renovation within the allotted work allowance negotiated in the lease agreement.

One difference you will notice upon your first visit is the tightened building security measures. Any guest will need to be preregistered as a visitor in order to access the offices. Therefore, please make sure you are registered for an event before attending or connect with a staff person to preregister before coming for a visit.

Like most of us move into a new apartment, we still have boxes to unpack, pictures to hang, etc., but there is much encouragement that our new offices will help facilitate both ministry quality and quantity to and for the city we love and call home.

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