Catalyst: Activating People for Ministry

Our current season of transition at Redeemer has provided us with a unique and exciting opportunity. As we form our new congregations we have the chance, like we haven’t had in a long time, to help people catch a biblical vision for being the church in the city rather than merely going to church in the city. As Redeemer has grown larger it has become harder for people to see how they have been uniquely called and shaped by God to play a role that only they can play in God’s work for the city and for the health of his church. This is the vision behind Catalyst—the desire to activate and equip all of God’s people for Spirit-led ministry in the city.

On the week of October 2 we saw nearly 1500 people at Redeemer get involved with this new vision. More than 900 people registered for their congregation’s Catalyst Nights where they are being connected more deeply into community, equipped with Redeemer’s theology of ministry and helped to sense God’s call more personally in their lives. In addition to these 900, over 60 Fellowship Groups have become Catalyst Groups and are being equipped with the same material in their home settings. It was an overwhelmingly positive response.

But, just as a catalyst in a chemical reaction becomes obsolete after it initiates a change process, our hope is that Catalyst as a program becomes obsolete as well. What we want to see as a result of our time together is the beginning of a new chapter at Redeemer that will self-propagate, where all of God’s people are being equipped, supported and challenged to live all areas of their lives as ministers of the gospel and ambassadors of Christ wherever he might take us.

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