The Marriage Seminar: A Personal Reaction

We attended the Marriage, Sex and Singleness conference led by Tim and Kathy Keller at the end of March. It was a unique opportunity to get an honest look into the challenges and realities of both singleness and marriage. It also was a great chance to spend time in fellowship and community with the three congregations of Redeemer while discussing this important topic. Plus, we got engaged. More about that later.

What most stood out to us was how frank, forthright and practical the lessons and discussions were throughout the weekend. Discarding the rose-colored glasses that we are often told are a requirement of successful relationships, all of the talks and discussions approached the joys and challenges of singleness, relationships and marriage with a realistic but hopeful perspective. With a healthy mix of teaching, honesty and humor Tim and Kathy addressed attendees both collectively and in groups of men and women, respectively.

We were able to ask the questions that we were always afraid to ask, and probably hear words spoken that we would not have expected to hear in a church setting. We also were given insight into the Kellers’ history as a couple from the perspectives of their closest friends. We truly appreciated their willingness to share their struggles and vulnerabilities with us, for while many of us see Rev. Keller preaching on Sundays, we are rarely given the chance to see him with his wife and friends speaking to us in such a personal and intimate manner. Observing the dynamics of their relationship was priceless. Finally, what made the conference even more meaningful (and timely) was that we were able to attend together, which coincidentally was the day before our engagement. While the conference was not the reason for our engagement, it set a solid foundation of understanding and insight into the joys, truths and meaning of the covenant of marriage. We are sure these lessons will prove invaluable in the many years ahead of us both.

*No, we aren’t married yet, we just happen to have the same last name as singles!

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