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Are You An Entrepreneur? Redeemer attracts creative people who want to start new things: church pastors who want to start new churches, social entrepreneurs who want to start new non-profits, educators who want to start new schools and business entrepreneurs who want to create new ventures. Learn how to build these ventures with the gospel at their core; join Redeemer’s Entrepreneurship Initiative.

To show how serious we are about encouraging our entrepreneurs to develop organizations that embody the gospel and respond to the opportunity to serve and renew the city (and world), we started a program to “incubate” new ventures and contribute to their success. It’s the annual Ei Business Plan Competition. This competition is open to you, if: 1) you have recently started a new venture, 2) you are about to launch a business, or 3) you have a brilliant business idea you’d like to move forward.

Winners will be selected in three categories: arts, for-profit, and not-for-profit ventures. Winning moves them into our New Venture Incubator—a one year period of mentoring and coaching and some early stage funding. Some examples: The 2010 winner, 100Cameras, is an arts venture that uses photography training and photo exhibits to raise awareness and funds to fight injustice against children. Similarly, our 2009 winner, Tegu, is a for-profit venture that focuses on making and selling high quality wooden toys while providing jobs in a very poor area of Honduras. The 2008 winner, Restore, a not-for-profit and HFNY affiliate, provides transition services for local victims of sex trafficking. Winning entrepreneurs receive a small financial award (via grant or direct investment) and one year of theological and strategic coaching from staff as well as volunteers in the congregation.

Ei holds the competition to help the Redeemer community develop gospel-centered organizations to serve and improve our city. It launches on October 3. To learn about the Information Work-shops, Competition process and past winners, please visit www. Continue to frequently check our website for more details on workshops, submission requirements, and deadlines. Should you have additional questions, please email us at [email protected].

Redeemer’s Entrepreneurship Initiative provides support through a monthly fellowship, workshops, an annual Forum, mentoring relationships, and Business Plan Competition.

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