09 2010

The Well and Pray On

This summer the Prayer Ministry organized a Summer Prayer Initiative to provide opportunities for congregants to try out different types of prayer, while also praying for Redeemer as we transition into our 10-Year Plan. We weren’t sure how the Initiative would be received, but two of the events that we held were actually over-subscribed! And there has been so much demand for the Daily Prayer Devotionals that we’re going to continue them indefinitely. If you would like to know more about the Summer Prayer Initiative or any of our upcoming events, please visit the website. Here’s what some of you have been saying about:

The Well: Praying with Friends for Friends & Pray On: Subvert the Status Quo On Friday, June 18, we held an all-night prayer meeting called “Pray On: Subvert the Status Quo” at the Redeemer Offices. Over 80 people came to “The Well” at 10:00PM and many stayed for “Pray On" until 6:00AM. Many of the participants came from other churches!

“I am still amazed at the all night prayer we had [in June]. I’m telling everyone that it’s one of the most (if not THE most) spiritually uplifting experiences of my life. In fact, I even testified to this at my church the Sunday following our hour time of incredible prayer and praise.”

“I really enjoyed the prayer time. I haven’t experienced this in many years. I just hope that this prayer time...helps to replenish a missing spark that had gone dim in my spiritual life.”

“Thank you for your work with The Well. I never expected to find a place like that in NYC. Or others to pray with like that!”

Save the date for our next Well: Friday, October 15 from 10:00PM to 12:00AM at the Redeemer Offices, 1359 Broadway, 4th Fl.

150W83 Prayer Walk On Friday, July 23, approximately 70 people gathered at Blondie’s on the Upper West Side for a prayer walk around the neighborhood. Despite the heat and the rain, everyone seemed to enjoy the experience and the opportunity to strengthen existing and create new friendships. Keep on the lookout for similar prayer walks on the Upper East Side and Downtown!

“I LOVED the prayer walk.  I was amazed and touched by the number of people who showed up. It was wonderful to see such an array of people from all over the city. The intentions of the prayer walk made me pay more attention to what was going around me as we walked I noticed the variety of people, stores, apartments, restaurants more vividly. Since this was my first prayer walk, I had absolutely no idea how it was going to be accomplished but I trusted that it would be a good experience.”

“The night of the prayer walk I was actually saying to myself that it is events like these that make one want to continue being a Christian. It is events like these that encourage one in the Christian walk...it was great and the fellowship was awesome.”

“It was my first official prayer walk. I’ve always appreciated conversational prayer a la The Well and I feel like prayer walking took it to the next level. I also liked doing it with 60 other people in the pouring rain—everyone’s commitment to praying made it so obvious that we are all depending on God and asking for His blessings on this new building. I paired up with my husband which we usually don’t do at The Well because we like to get to know and pray for other people, so praying like this with my husband expanded our views of prayer as a couple and I think enriched our prayer life together.”

“It was really great! It was nice to pray for the community and the new church building. And of course meeting new brothers and sisters was nice too.”

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