Your keen eye needed

Do you know someone who is a great listener? And compassionate? And loves to pray for others? Don’t miss the chance to encourage a Redeemer member with those gifts to serve our congregation through the Diaconate.

As a member of Redeemer one of your privileges is to contribute to the care and oversight of our church by nominating suitable candidates for elder, deacon and deaconess during the month of November. Redeemer counts on your keen eye to identify potential candidates and it is never too early to begin to look around and pray for those you may want to nominate for these roles.

Given the growth of our three congregations, and the challenges before our church, both the Session and the Diaconate see a greater need for elders, deacons/deaconesses than ever before.

Here are some things to consider as you look for a fellow member to nominate.

Elder candidates must have been Christians for at least three years and a Redeemer member for at least one year. A minimum of three nominations is required. They must be men of character, able to equip and care for people spiritually, know their way around the Bible and be able to teach it. They should be comfortable praying with people in need as well as good managers.

Deacon and deaconess candidates must have been Christians for at least three years and either have been a Redeemer member for at least one year or a Redeemer member for at least six months with committed regular attendance at Redeemer for at least two years. They should demonstrate a practical and caring spirit as well as being spiritually discerning, above reproach, compassionate, emotionally and financially healthy and open to being used by the Lord in a challenging and rewarding ministry of mercy.

Calling: Calling is both inward and outward. A candidate should desire to serve and should be recognized by others as possessing the gifts and graces necessary for the task.

Character: Though no leader can expect to be perfect, he or she must be exemplary, modeling in a consistent way the character of Christ.

Competency: God calls elders, deacons and deaconesses to serve in distinct and varying ways. A candidate should evidence the inclination and ability to fulfill that particular biblical role.

Our church flourishes when there is a robust team of elders, deacons and deaconesses who are ready to joyfully serve our congregation.

We desire your partnership and are excited to see whom God brings to mind for you to nominate.

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