Easter Sacrificial Offering

This Easter season we celebrate Christ’s resurrection and the restoration it promises. Because Christ has defeated death, He has made a way for all things to be restored, including what is broken by oppression and injustice.

Our desire for Redeemer is that each congregation would be marked by hopeful, resurrection-fueled love — that, confident in the restoration Christ has secured, we would pour out our lives in generosity and compassion toward our neighbors, especially those who are marginalized, vulnerable, or experiencing poverty.

Redeemer created the Easter Sacrificial Offering over 25 years ago, and every Easter since then, we’ve received the ESO for Hope for New York, our partner for loving and serving New Yorkers in need across our city. We do this as a sign that Easter isn’t just a celebration for us to enjoy, but a power that sends us out to bring resurrection joy to the world.

Will you consider giving generously to support the work of Hope for New York this Easter? Hope for New York is a 501(c)(3) separate from Redeemer, so it relies on support from individuals to continue their good work.

Your gift will go toward Hope for New York’s work to strengthen programs at 50 non-profits across the city, including food and shelter for the homeless, job skills training, youth mentoring, and more. Your gift will also support Hope for New York’s larger vision to grow a movement of mercy and justice in New York City, with a goal of partnering with 30 churches and 90 non-profits by 2027 to see more and more New Yorkers thrive and flourish.

We pray that you, as part of Christ’s church, would continue to seek ways you can live out the hope and power of the resurrection in our city.

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