How to Get Well Soon(er)

This past June I had an outpatient surgery for a minor health issue. I was left in a lot of pain and became fairly immobile. As your typical Type-A New Yorker, this was not a pleasant situation in which to find myself (come on, I have things to do and people to see, right?) Even though my parents live nearby, they weren’t in a position to nurse me back to health. So what was I to do?

Thankfully, through the combined efforts of some wonderful friends and the Diaconate’s Meals Ministry*, I was able to rest and recover (despite my best efforts to “bounce back” before I was ready). Having home-cooked and healthy meals brought to me gave me one less thing to worry about. Having an acquaintance from the 2010 Gospel in Life course deliver three full bags of fresh produce allowed me to eat well and recover more quickly. And having all this food overflow the refrigerator was a great demonstration to my non-Christian roommates of the love and generosity of the Christian community. I had so much food, I had to share it and I’m thankful that Chrissie, Faith, Bethany, Marissa, Maureen, Anna Beth and Jenny helped make our church stand out to them!

* The Diaconate is Redeemer’s ministry of mercy addressing the needs of those in our church family experiencing hardship. Our Meals Ministry provides meals on a short-term basis to those at Redeemer who are ill or have just had a baby. To receive help through the Meals Ministry, or to become a volunteer, please email us at [email protected] or call (917) 206-1451.

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