Downtown Congregation Secures New Meeting Space at 120 West 14th St.

One of the most exciting events for Redeemer over the last year has been the launching of three distinct congregations in Manhattan, the third and newest one being the Downtown congregation. The months leading up to the start of public worship were filled with prayer, planning, meeting with leaders and getting to know Downtown. We were thrilled that after a season of preparation, the Downtown congregation began worshipping together last October with over 1200 people attending our first Sunday worship services. Needless to say, our first months as a new congregation have been exhilarating!

Now, after having surveyed over 100 potential worship spaces, losing a venue we had hoped to rent, and worshipping in 5 different spaces (which we outgrew!) since our first services last October, we are thrilled to announce that we have finalized an agreement with The Salvation Army. We will use their facility from now through the end of the summer, which includes an auditorium for 1300 people, a fellowship hall and space for our children’s ministry!

Our larger and more consistent space will create even more room for friends and neighbors, which we couldn’t be happier about. While it has been a tumultuous ride, we have seen God be faithful in unmistakable ways every single week.

Since Redeemer's beginning, we have said that we are not a church for ourselves, but for the city. It is my hope that our space at the Salvation Army won't be a place for us to retreat from the city, but rather a place from which we can serve the city and that it be a place where we can care for our neighbors in need, work for the flourishing of Downtown and provide a place and venue for people to explore Christianity. Please join us as we praise God for His provision and as we look forward in anticipation of what He will do in the months to come. Join us for Sunday worship; services are at 9:30AM and 5:00PM.

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