RENEW Campaign Segues to Replanting

As of December 6, 2009, the RENEW Campaign had received 744 pledges totaling $17.5 million. This total comprises countless stories of sacrificial giving in a difficult economic time.

We realize that our plans for the future are more complicated than when we held the Vision Campaign in 2005. On the chart you can see that while we had a sig-nificant total of larger gifts, we had fewer smaller gifts toward the RENEW Campaign. Four years ago the campaign focused on expanding all our ministries and acquiring a property for building our first worship & community center. This year’s campaign was about “replanting” Redeemer into three flourishing sister congregations on the East Side, West Side, and south of Central Park to increase the impact of a gospel movement in NYC over the next decade.

You may have already gone through a 1-week study that Fellowship Groups and others have discussed. In it, we are able to encourage one another both to understand our direction as a church in New York City and to pray about how God would use each of us. If you haven’t seen this study your group may be looking at it soon. If you’re not in a group, the best way to process this information is in community. Consider signing up to get into a group where you can discuss this study and other facets of Redeemervision. Details and sign-up are at There is additional information on the RENEW website at

As we embark on this plan to become three flourishing con-gregations, more lay leaders are needed now than ever before. We will need more elders, more deeks, more Sunday service volunteers and SOGF teachers, more vocational group leaders and those involved with Fellowship Groups. Furthermore, lay leaders who have been solidly trained in Redeemer’s DNA will be needed. Therefore, programs like “Gospel in Life”—launching next month—demonstrate how the RENEW campaign is helping to fund initiatives that will develop leaders for the three future Redeemers.

The replanting of Redeemer into three distinct, generative sister congregations means that each of us must step up and find a way to be part of the vision God has entrusted to us. Now is the time for us to more deeply love and serve the city together.

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