Redeemer East Harlem launches in October!

Exactly one year ago this month, Redeemer East Side announced plans to establish a new congregation — Redeemer East Harlem (REH). This was an idea, a hope, a dream, a vision that my wife and I had felt growing in our hearts for nearly a decade. And although last year’s announcement was the culmination of years of praying and dreaming, it also brought questions: the chief one being “How does one plant a church well?”

East Harlem, though a beautiful and vibrant community, is a complicated neighborhood — often rightfully weary of change and leery of newness. We asked ourselves, and others asked us, “Who is this church for?”, “How do we honor the work churches and ministries have already been doing for generations here?”, “How do we join what God is already doing here?”, “How does our presence in the neighborhood become good news for the whole neighborhood?”, and “Who is going to be interested in embracing those kinds of questions with us?”

Over this past year, God has been faithful in bringing together a group of people committed to considering those questions. This group ranges from those born and raised in the neighborhood to new residents and everything in between. They are a group committed to embracing and engaging both the beauty and the brokenness of the neighborhood.

Additionally, God was faithful by going before us to establish life-giving, neighborhood-focused partnerships with other churches, community-based organizations, and non-profits also seeking the peace and prosperity of East Harlem. For the past year, even without church services, we have absolutely felt like a church on mission, in the neighborhood, seeking to both know and show the love of Christ in East Harlem.

Now, one year later, REH is honored and excited to announce our next chapter — officially launching public worship services. In his faithfulness, God provided us a partnership with a local small business where we will hold worship services beginning October 13.

We are deeply grateful for those who have supported this effort, prayed for us, and for those committed to the vision of being a “church in and for East Harlem that we might both know and show the love of Christ.” Please pray for REH as there is much to do in preparation for our official launch. Join us in praising God for his great faithfulness, knowing he will continue to be faithful for years to come!

As a church centered on seeking the peace and prosperity of East Harlem, we hope everyone considers the scope of this vision and attends only to the extent they are willing to do the hard work of helping create a church for the good of East Harlem.

For more information about REH and to keep up with how God is working in and through us go to or follow us on instagram, #RedeemerEastHarlem.

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