Thank you for giving to His Toy Store!

Thanks to the hundreds of you who gave His Toy Store in November!

You helped Hope for New York stock our His Toy Stores with over 2,600 toys for 855 families in need!

This month, we’ll work with several of our affiliates, as well as other ministries, and hundreds of volunteers to host 9 stores all over the city — in neighborhoods from Bushwick to Chelsea to the South Bronx.

At these stores, parents can shop for toys at no cost and will also be able to connect to local ministries for year-round resources. These parents include the working poor in low-income neighborhoods, formerly incarcerated individuals reconnecting with their families, and moms and dads in residential recovery programs.

However, we don’t see this outreach as just a one-time giveaway — our hope is that parents connect with a caring community for year-round support and spiritual community.

We love stories like this one from a volunteer at last year’s store at The Father’s Heart Ministries:

A mother came out with a big smile and near tears in her eyes because she had had to return a toy her daughter really wanted to the store and just found the exact one here for free. She was so happy to be able to do this for her daughter, and several of the regular volunteers at Father’s Heart who knew her and her daughter well spent several minutes hugging with giant smiles on their faces, so happy to see such a simple outreach of giving a child a gift bring such joy to a mother and love for her family and those who are serving her.

You can follow all the His Toy Store action by using #HisToyStore, or follow @hopefornewyork on Twitter, @hfny on Instagram, or find us on Facebook using at

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