Facing difficult problems: Why Renewal Groups at Redeemer Counseling?

Renewal groups at Redeemer Counseling Services are a powerful way to address difficult problems, such as addictions, eating disorders, and grief, by connecting with the body of Christ. As we come together in our weakness, we experience the power of Jesus to strengthen us, but also to unite us in his mercy and love. Because Renewal Groups focus on a particular problem, those who participate are joined with others facing similar challenges. To have brothers and sisters who understand your struggle and who will urge you toward deeper dependence on Jesus is both comforting and empowering. Further, the counselors who lead each group are not only trained in the topic, but have also thought deeply about each challenge and have wrestled with how God’s promises specifically speak to offer freedom, joy, and rest.

The Renewal Group for Sexual Integrity, is for men who are unable to rid themselves of sexual sin, such as pornography, masturbation, online video sex chats, affairs, anonymous sex, and hiring prostitutes. The men vary in age, marital status, background, and spiritual maturity. Several are trying to salvage ruined engagements and marriages. Most come feeling discouraged, angry, ashamed, and hopeless. Usually they doubt that God is good and all-powerful. This group aims to change that by helping men to worship their Creator, Father, and Savior and remind them that He is more than willing and able to set them free if they will trust Him.

Many exciting moments have come from the men owning their weakness and receiving God’s strength, which comes through powerful times of worship and prayer and a deeper understanding of the false worship they engage in through sex. These heart changes bear fruit of loving accountability and encouraging one another in righteousness. One man, set on giving into temptation, contacted the entire group in desperation asking for prayer and help. The response was astounding, and the answered prayer was a victory not only for the individual, but for all who lovingly interceded.

Another man testified that his marriage had never been stronger as he was conquering sin and now able to point his family to Jesus. He had so dramatically moved from depression to joy that all were encouraged by his transformation. This man, who cried tears of despair at the first meeting, ended our time giving thanks for what God had done through the faith of the other group members. Another man was so amazed at how God had freed him, he wanted to start a sexual integrity group at his own church. Because of God’s power and faithfulness, many men have been able to stop engaging in sinful sexual patterns, and almost all report a significant reduction in frequency and intensity. All praise to our patient and glorious God!

Renewal Groups are offered in the spring and fall. Registration for the next ones opens in January, 2016. To find out more about Redeemer Renewal Groups contact Redeemer Counseling Services or go to redeemer.com/rcs.

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