25 years of changed lives

As a church, Redeemer exists to help build a great city for all people through a movement of the gospel that brings personal belief, community formation, social justice, and cultural renewal to New York City and, through it, the world.

This September, we mark 25 years of serving New York City and its people. In preparation for this milestone anniversary, we are gathering short stories from people who have experienced gospel renewal through Redeemer and it’s ministries.

People encounter the gospel in different ways and at various points in life. For some, there is a bold, distinct moment of awareness of the realities of the gospel. For others, it can be a quieter, more subtle process — or somewhere in between. Everyone who’s experienced it has a unique story of how the power of the gospel changed them, and each account is a potent testament to God’s grace and faithfulness. Here are some examples from people who have shared their story at redeemer.com.

As we have begun to gather stories, we are hearing about subtle awakenings:

“For me, there wasn’t an ‘a-ha’ moment, but over time I came to realize my understanding of Christ had changed.”

– Phil (NY, NY)

About greater clarity around the desires of our souls:

“…I kept asking myself — what is it that I am looking for? If this — a high-paying job, a fun life in NYC — isn’t what I want, then what is? … When I opened my heart to the Gospel, not just my mind, I began to see how it was the answer I was looking for.”

– Jane (NY, NY)

The power of God’s love and its manifestation in community:

“In moments of fear and doubt, Abba overwhelms me with His love, and teaches me how to surrender. He has also given me brothers and sisters with whom to climb this mountain.”

– Isaac (NY, NY)

How the gospel changes everything about the way that we interpret our reality:

“I’m no longer content to view the brokenness of our city at a distance, now I’m drawn towards it to engage it. When I’m reminded that Christ wasn’t content to view the brokenness of this world at a distance, but physically entered in to bring renewal, I’m encouraged and find myself asking — how can I be salt and light in this city, and particularly in the work to which I’ve been called?”

– Glenn (NY, NY)

And how God can use us as vessels to carry His love to others:

“God has used mentoring to show me that how I choose to spend my time and whom I choose to invest it in should not be about me — it’s about experiencing His unimaginably selfless love and then sharing it with others.”

– Rebecca (NY, NY)

To read these and other stories of changed lives, please see our Stories of Gospel Renewal site: 25years.redeemer.com.

We hope you’ll be inspired to see what God is doing in and through these individuals, and that you will consider adding your voice as well! You can share your story at: redeemer.com/shareyourstory.

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