08 2014

Make a difference in a kid’s life as a mentor

Every August, we gear up  to recruit for one of the biggest volunteer needs at Hope for New York: mentors and tutors for the hundreds of children and youth from low-income backgrounds served by our affiliate non-profits across the city. 


We believe mentoring can transform the mentor as much as the mentee. Why do we think that this is such an amazing volunteer opportunity? 


You’ll be part of changing a child’s life. 

Probably more than any other volunteer opportunity, mentoring a young person one-on-one gives you the opportunity to experience transformation and growth firsthand. As Greg Nance, a mentor with Morris Academy, told us: “I never would have imagined that a high school kid in the Bronx would actually call me his ‘bro,’ appreciate our friendship, receive the guidance I offer and trust me enough to share the tough details about his real life problems with me.”


You’ll join a community of other mentors. 

Our programs like Operation Exodus, Morris Academy Mentors, Mont Lawn City Camp, and Shiloh NYC offer an incredible community of mentors who meet, encourage, and pray for one another throughout the year.


You’ll build into the next generation of New Yorkers. 

When you mentor, you’ll join a movement that will have repercussions far beyond the time you spend as a mentor — you’ll be part of influencing an entire generation. We think that’s an exciting prospect. 


Interested? There are two ways you can join us:


Mentor with us. 

Interested in mentoring, but want to learn more? We’ll kick off our mentoring year with an info session on Monday August 25. Sign up for the info session at http://goo.gl/9Ypo5Q. 


Pray with us.

We’re sending out prayer emails for our congregations to join us in praying for the kids in our mentoring programs and their families, as well as our affiliate staff and volunteers. Subscribe to our prayer email at http://goo.gl/LMMSI5.

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