Your Gifts to Rise Are Making These Initiatives Possible

The story isn’t over. The first phase of Rise initiatives is under way. Our strategy to reach a tipping point of gospel-teaching churches in NYC over the next 10 years includes the need for new churches, new leaders and new buildings rising in neighborhoods across the city and your generosity is making it possible.

New Churches are shown to be the most effective method of reaching those not already part of a church, and because of this we are excited to announce the upcoming launch of a West Side daughter site led by Rev. Michael Keller. Michael was formerly the Director of Reformed University Fellowship City Campus Ministry in Manhattan. Michael has now joined the West Side staff to prepare for an expected launch date for the new worship site in mid-2017.

New Buildings are crucial in order to be rooted in the fabric of a neighborhood and Redeemer is dedicated to raising the remaining amount needed (for our projected purchase and construction budget) to move ahead with owning a new East Side worship center.

New Leaders are needed in both ministry and the marketplace. We are excited to announce three initiatives that are being launched THIS SEPTEMBER as a part of the Rise vision!

RPC Residency Program

This fall Redeemer is excited to launch a full-time residency program to prepare pastors for gospel ministry in New York City. The program will run for two years from September 2016 to August 2018. The inaugural cohort will be comprised of four pastoral residents who will go through an intensive learning experience and receive training, feedback and coaching from Redeemer pastors and directors. We believe this program is an integral part of the Rise vision for growing the gospel movement in the city as it will expand our pipeline of leaders for the new churches to be started in the years ahead.

Apprenticeship Program

As part of the "New Leaders" portion of the Rise Campaign, Redeemer City to City is rolling out an Apprentice Program this September. Designed as a partnership between CTC and NYC churches, the Apprentice Program helps NYC pastors develop young men and women within their congregations who show leadership potential. After an extremely successful pilot that included 21 apprentices from 11 churches, this year CTC will welcome 70-80 apprentices from more than 30 churches across NYC. The nine-month program aims to help participants deepen their daily experience of the gospel, identify their unique calling, and understand what it takes to engage the city effectively. CTC will lead apprentices through five Saturday morning learning sessions, two site visits, and other related assignments. Meanwhile, an experienced church leader will supervise each apprentice in a ministry assignment in the church and meet with them at least every other month for coaching.

23 Seminary Scholarships Awarded

Because of Rise, 23 scholarship awards are being offered to incoming and returning students for the fall 2016 semester of Redeemer City Ministry Program (RCM). RCM is a strategic partnership between Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) and Redeemer City to City (CTC) with the goal to provide theological education and practical ministry training in New York City. This program is a key part of our strategy for supplying a pipeline of pastors to serve the the growing movement in the city in the years ahead.

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