We raised $1.1M from 1800 new donors through our 10x10 Rise initiative!

In August we launched a mini, national campaign to invite friends of Redeemer to help us plant 10 churches in 10 days with gifts of $10 or more. 1800 people responded to the vision, raising over $100,000, which unlocked a $1M matching gift.

As part of the campaign we released a series of posts from Tim about gospel movements which you can read here:

Why You Still Need The Gospel

Why There Aren't Enough Churches

The Work of God in the Cities of Man

We also released a podcast conversation where Tim Keller discusses what makes a gospel movement and the inflection point we find ourselves in today. We even did a Facebook Live event with Tim while he was on vacation at the beach. We are excited that enough money was raised to fund 10 new churches — please join us in celebrating what God has done and is still doing!

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