New Website for Those Investigating Faith

Redeemer Presbyterian Church began as a community committed to, among other things, engaging in respectful dialogue with those who are curious about the historic Christian faith. We remember what it is like to not believe and to find faith difficult. We recognize that there are many people in our community who aren’t sure what they believe about Jesus and his claims as they are found in the Bible. There are many ways to process one’s doubts and questions, and we hope that this new website will be helpful as one of those ways. is designed in a way that we hope helps each person in his or her particular journey, allowing an individual the freedom to explore the particular questions he or she may have. On the home page you’ll find videos that feature questions and perspectives of both Christians and non-Christians. These videos introduce three main areas of interest: 1) Common Questions, 2) Jesus, and 3) Christianity. In each of these three sections there are papers to read, talks to listen to and other videos to watch.

Whether you are exploring Christianity for first time or are already a Christian we invite you to visit this new site. And we hope that you’ll forward this link on to the people in your life who aren’t sure what they believe about Christianity or about Jesus. What what he finished can change their lives forever.

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Articles in this Issue

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Bruce Terrell
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Howard Freeman
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