Visual artists chosen for the Fall 2015 CFW Artists-in-Residence

The Center for Faith & Work is pleased to announce our Fall 2015 Artists-in-Residence: visual artists Alix Pentecost Farren and Caroline Washburn.

The two artists were chosen from invited proposals that explored the idea of “Body,” based on the following prompt:

As humans, it seems we need organization. Function requires form. Forms require laws. Sorting. Framing. Defining. These are the tools we use to draw order from chaos.

When that order is attained, we can call it a body, a word that bears literally dozens of definitions. It seems our ever-evolving existence depends upon the world’s vital and latent potential for order, for a body to be made.

From the beginning of time, humans have been pondering Aristotle’s famous question about form: “What gives a table its tableness?” This is not just a quest for substance, it’s a quest for a form’s boundaries. If embodiment is the marriage of substance with form, what signals or defines disembodiment?

With this, we’d like the artist to consider the following questions. What kind of mass constitutes a body? How are its edges defined?

Each resident artist is now in the process of creating a brand new work on that theme, as it’s uniquely expressed through visual art.

Alix Pentecost Farren is an illustrator, cartoonist and artist. Her work has included stationery design, mud murals, animations, and installations. She went to The School for Art and Design at the North Carolina School of the Arts and then studied illustration and filmmaking at the Rhode Island School of Design before moving to Brooklyn, NY. Her work has been shown in multiple galleries in New York and abroad, and her comics have been published by Harlequin Creature and Keep This Bag Away From Children and exhibited at Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo and the Society of Illustrators Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Festival.

Caroline Washburn is originally from Pittsburgh, PA. She received her degree in both Visual Art and Art History from Brown University in 2012, where she graduated with honors. Caroline’s practice explores the concept of re-contextualization. Primarily working with graphite and paper, she creates a state of eerie hyperrealism by focusing on themes of memory and isolation. Her work provides a dramatic awareness of the singularity of her subjects, which allows the viewer to intimately interact with the subject as she does. Caroline has been included in a number of group exhibitions. She had her first solo exhibition Visual Heritage in 2012 and was featured as the alumni artist at her alma mater, Shady Side Academy, in 2013. Caroline was awarded the William Weston Excellence in Fine Arts Award and the Annual Juried Student Exhibition Prize in 2012.

In its practice of arts patronage, the Center for Faith & Work’s artist-in-residence program has a two-pronged purpose: to support emerging and established local artists through the commissioning of new work, and to celebrate and contribute to the intrinsic value of the arts as a vital fabric of the city. Being devoted to the flourishing of all New York City, the Center for Faith & Work is proud to offer selected resident artists the opportunity, resources, financing, and support to create works of art that contribute to the excellence of New York’s rich and creative culture.

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