City to City church planters say “thank you” for the special offering

People are sometimes surprised when they discover the full scope and reach of City to City’s (CTC) global training. CTC delivers year-round training programs on five continents to help leaders start new churches in global cities. In fact, this year CTC will train about 1,000 pastors and ministry leaders for urban evangelism.

A CTC signature program is the The International Church Planting Intensive (the Intensive). The Intensive is a residency for city-center church planters and happens in both Asia and New York City. This year 16 leaders and their wives attended the New York session of the Intensive. CTC field faculty recruited each leader, and the leaders attended on scholarship. Their training and lodging costs were entirely underwritten.

You met the New York Intensive class on CTC Sunday on September 27. Half of this exceptional class was introduced at all West Side services and the other half was introduced at Downtown and East Side services. Redeemer, everyone at CTC says thank you for welcoming these leaders to each worship service with such warmth! All of this year’s participants were moved by your prayers and applause. One leader commented, “The people at Redeemer remind me that I must be doing something important!”

Thank you for giving so generously to the Special Offering. This year we tripled the Special Offering goal to support all of CTC’s global programs in 2015. CTC asked you to give $417,000 toward the remainder of the 2015 global program cost. So far you’ve given $117,000 toward this goal. If you haven’t given yet, you still can and we hope you do! Please visit the Intensive giving website:

You might enjoy some of the comments from our leaders as they return home to their cities.

It has been an incredible blessing to be in New York this month. To take a step back from the busyness of life and reflect on my ministry and spiritual life has truly been invaluable. I will apply all that I learned and I believe that I return to my city as a more effective preacher, pastor and leader.

Thank you, Redeemer City to City and Redeemer Presbyterian Church, for your generous investment in me. Your willingness to sacrifice time, finances and training for the sake of the kingdom is a true example of your desire to honor Christ among the nations. Your gener-osity not only benefits me, but also the people of Edinburgh.

– Athole Rennie, church planter, Edinburgh, Scotland

I can’t believe the Intensive went by so fast. It is an “information overload,” but in the best way. It’s almost like going back to seminary, but leaving out all the boring and “useless” stuff and only getting the really good stuff!

I now return to Cape Town to go into the first phase of starting a new church, and I’m excited to contextualize what I learned. I hope to reach as many people as we possibly can with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thank you to Redeemer City to City, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, and to all the supporters for giving us an opportunity to be refreshed by the gospel and its application
to our work in Cape Town.

– Louis Scheepers, church planter, Cape Town, South Africa

When I arrived at the Intensive, I expected my theological vision to sharpen. I expected to learn more “strategies” for drawing people into the body of Christ. But I did not expect to learn so much about myself and to embrace the good news of Jesus even more deeply than I did before. That is exactly what happened!

God brought my attention to how some of my own idols and pride hinder my being an effective witness. The potent combination of cross-cultural relationships, deep thoughtfulness about the gospel, and classes on church planting and effective evangelism proved to be incredibly transformative. I honestly believe I am a sharper tool in God’s hand because of the Intensive.

– Kyle Brooks, church planter, San Francisco Metro

I am so extremely touched by the generosity of the whole organization: from covering our accommodation and transportation expenses to the light, but much-needed fun nights out at the end of the week. It is incredible to watch how CTC stewards resources in order to give us well-rounded, holistic training. Additionally, CTC has the best non-teaching staff I have ever encountered. I saw just how diligent each member is in trying to ensure the organization runs smoothly with no issues whatsoever. They do everything with a smile and a warm friendly heart to go alongside. CTC shows me that the gospel can not only transform an individual or a church, but an entire organization as well.

I leave the Intensive eternally grateful to God for this opportunity to be equipped for the good work He called my family to do. Though the challenge is daunting, my time here has given me much more confidence to face whatever obstacles come. Most of all, I have renewed vigor to do my part in ensuring that God’s will be done in my city as it is in heaven. Soli Deo Gloria!

– Femi Osunnuyi, church planter, Lagos, Nigeria

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