November is “Inspire Mercy Month”

Tim Keller, in his book Ministries of Mercy, defines mercy as “spontaneous, super-abounding love that comes from an experience of the grace of God.” He adds that, “the deeper the experience of the free grace of God, the more generous we must become.” When Tim and Kathy founded Redeemer in 1989, they modeled our Diaconate to be Redeemer’s expression of mercy ministry.

Just like Acts 6, the Redeemer Diaconate is a group of individuals who walk alongside of those in our church family who are experiencing difficulties and/or in crises. Through meeting practical needs, we strive to contribute to the building of a repentant and rejoicing community where hearts are being changed through encounters with Jesus and one another. Throughout the month of November, there are several ways for you to partner with us to contribute to the flourishing of mercy ministries in our church community:

Nominate a fellow member.

Our deeks (our affectionate term for deacons and deaconesses) are nominated, trained, elected and appointed by Redeemer elders and members. During the month of November, nominations will be accepted for deacon and deaconess; we also need new elders. We especially need Redeemer members’ help to identify candidates for both the Diaconate and the Session. With three congregations the Session and the Diaconate are in need of new leaders.

Elders are men of solid character with a gift of being a spiritual leader. Deeks are compassionate people, great listeners, the ones that people always go to for help. By nominating a Redeemer member who is known for these qualities, you have an opportunity to contribute to the care and oversight of the church.

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Provide a financial gift.

Sunday, November 22, is the Diaconate’s Annual Special Offering. Every year, the Diaconate takes up a special offering for its Mercy Fund. It is out of this fund that our deeks care for and minister to congregants with needs.

This year, the Diaconate is on track to help over 500 individuals and families with various needs. We estimate that we will provide direct financial assistance totaling over $275K to roughly 185 individuals and families in need. Estimated aid for 2016 will be close to $310K in funds provided by the Diaconate to help those in need within our church family. We thank you in advance for preparing your hearts to give on Sunday, November 22. Your help is instrumental in enabling us to carry on this ministry of mercy. You can donate online at

Pray with us.

We are only able to care for and serve our fellow sisters and brothers in need because of God’s sustaining grace and the wisdom he grants us.

Thank you so much, your faithful partnership is making a difference!

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