Top Reasons Why You Might Not Apply to the Gotham Fellowship—And Why You Should Anyway

Perhaps you’re friends with an alum of the Gotham Fellowship and thought it sounded interesting. Or maybe you went through the Catalyst program and have a desire to learn even more. Or it could be you are just looking for ways to get more involved in Redeemer, like I was last February. Regardless, you’re interested enough in the program to consider applying—you’ve watched the videos, you’ve read the bios of the current fellows, and you’ve glanced at the application.

And yet you still have doubts. Well, you’re not alone. After talking with some other fellows, here are common doubts during the application process and reasons why you should ignore them.

Application Essays. Sure, 10+ essays sounds like a lot, but it also gives you the opportunity to reflect on your personal history and faith. And this isn’t a grad school application—you can and should be yourself!

Time Commitment. I’m not going to lie—Gotham is a major time commitment. Not only do you spend several hours a week on readings and devotionals, but the weekly and monthly commitments are all but mandatory. The flip side? You actually enjoy investing time in Gotham—both individual readings and with the Gotham community.

Cost. Please, please don’t let the cost stop you from applying. The Center for Faith & Work offers need-based scholarships and this experience is truly priceless. There’s really no amount of money that is too much for the training you will receive while going through the program.

Intimidation Factor. Doctors who volunteer their precious free time at the free clinic? Lawyers who tirelessly fight international human trafficking? Artists who donate their gifts and talents raising money for the homeless? All of whom went to Ivy League schools and are incredibly clever and annoyingly beautiful. You’ve read the bios and that doesn’t describe you. Don’t worry, me either. Going through Gotham, however, gives you the chance to uncover the meaning in your own workplace, empowering you to imagine ways your profession can be—and is—renewed and redeemed.

There are plenty of reasons why NOT to apply to Gotham, but the main point is that you SHOULD. The opportunity to deepen your knowledge and discuss something as personal as your faith with like-minded people does not come along everyday. In a city where there is no shortage of competition for your time, join some fellow New Yorkers in the conversation around how to make the Gospel the center of your being. It just might change your life.

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