HFNY Volunteer Fair: Sunday, February 26

Hope for New York’s Volunteer Fairs provide a unique opportunity for Redeemer attendees to meet the volunteers and staff of HFNY’s affiliate organizations. Mark your calendars for our upcoming fair following Redeemer worship services on Sunday, February 26 and learn how you can serve the poor and marginalized in New York City.

Here is a story of how a volunteer has connected with her community on the Upper West Side as a result of serving with a HFNY affiliate organization:

On Sunday evenings, I arrive at All Angels and work with my jovial friend Ralph to set up tables and prepare food. All Angels is a small church on the west side, but what they do there is overwhelmingly beautiful. They host a meal every Sunday, without fail, for anyone that comes to worship. In addition, they run “Our Place Café” which is a gospel-centered, peer-driven, supportive community café for men and women experiencing homelessness, addiction, and/or mental health challenges.

Approximately 100 hungry guests come through our buffet line. It’s wonderful to see familiar faces each week and speak with them about how things are going.

This volunteer experience has made me more sensitive to my community. There is a man who sits outside of my local Food Emporium with his dog. He’s been there for years; a quiet man watching the passersby and saying hello. He has never asked for me for anything, but I find myself stopping by on my way to work to make sure he’s out of the cold or rain.

Now that I am involved in outreach with All Angels, I can invite him to come in out of the cold, worship and take advantage of some of the services of this wonderful program.

Hope for New York partners with over 30 high-impact organizations that are making a difference in our neighborhoods. Whether you’re looking to serve the elderly or the homeless, once a month or once a week, in a group or individually, there are many ways for you to get involved and help bring renewal to our city. So mark February 26 on your calendars for the HFNY Volunteer Fair! For more information, please visit www.hfny.org.

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