Easter Sacrificial Offering for HFNY

Redeemer will receive the annual Easter Sacrificial Offering for Hope for New York, our mercy and justice outreach to the city, during all services on Easter Sunday, March 31.

100% of the gifts received from this offering will be given to our affiliate organizations that support various New York City populations, including at-risk youth, low-income families, immigrants, the homeless, and the elderly.

Hope for New York is also accepting online donations and checks (payable to “Hope for New York”) sent to Hope for New York, 1359 Broadway, Suite 410, New York, NY, 10018.

In addition, you might also consider making regular generosity to the poor a part of your life with ‘The Hope Exchange,’ HFNY’s committed monthly giving program. You can join at www.hfny.org/hopeexchange.

Please pray that our congregation would be moved to give generously on Easter Sunday, and please also prayerfully consider how you might support Hope for New York’s efforts to serve the poor of our city.

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