Discerning God’s calling: spiritual self-assessment

This ministry year Redeemer is committed to equipping congregants to rise where they are. To help you, Redeemer’s Spiritual Self-Assessment is designed to be a starting point that prompts prayerful and honest self-reflection and discernment about where God may be calling you to grow. This assessment begins with looking at what you are already doing — your life as you experience it presently. It is built around five spheres of life with questions to prompt what it might look like to begin to do these things with intentional Christian distinctiveness.

These spheres are:

1.) Your Christian Identity

2.) Family and Relationships

3.) Neighborhood and Justice

4.) Work and Rest

5.) The Church and its Mission

Question number 3, for example: all of us, by virtue of living in the city, are neighbors. The questions we want to help you consider are: Are you being a neighbor in a way that displays Christian distinctiveness? Are you inhabiting your neighborhood with a clear sense of calling, that you have been sent by Christ to love your neighbors as yourself? Is the Gospel actively changing the way you inhabit your neighborhood?

We are asking all Redeemer congregants to take this assessment and to invite a friend to take it with you! In the midst of busy lives, it might be easy to forget or disregard the insight gained from the assessment. To help process your answers and keep you accountable with actionable steps toward rising where you are, we hope that all community groups will dedicate the January 22 study week to the assessment.

Take the online assessment at redeemer.com/assessment.

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