Gospel & Culture Conference Huge Success!

Close to 450 people gathered on Friday night & Saturday, November 4 & 5, for Redeemer’s first Gospel and Culture Conference, hosted by the leaders of the Center for Faith & Work. Twitter (#gospelculture) is alive with comments and photos. Here are excerpts of what people have said:

I felt a HUGE shift/calling/challenge/ joyousness/andaboutathousandotheremotions all at once throughout the day on Saturday.

We wanted to thank you & the rest of the CFW team for putting together the baddest (in the really awesome sense!!!) conference on gospel & culture. It was really good food for the soul.

I thought the Glimpses were a fantastic element to bring to the conference, and gave people a chance to think outside of traditional perspectives on culture. The Devotional Mediation time was fantastic: an absolute moment of beauty and surrender for me. Thank you for giving us time to be still before the day began.

Just wanted to say that I thought the conference this weekend was terrific. It was one of my favorite Redeemer events ever. I was inspired by the teaching and the testimonies. I felt like I really got to worship with the music. and I felt like a lot of thought was put into every detail, making this seem “worth the time” throughout.

Things I thought were especially good:
• The Venue!—St. Bart’s is beautiful and you put it to good use. I liked the “theater in the round” feeling—felt more like a community and less like just an audience.
• The Conference Book!—We’re excited to use it as a devotional tool.
• The Music!—My goodness, this was the surprise of the conference. We were in tears multiple times during the worship. This worship meant a lot to me, regardless of the venue, but I think it was so cool during a conference on the gospel and culture.
• I liked the emphasis that this was from our church and that the conference wasn’t a one time thing but that we’re all in this together

Congratulations on an amazing job well done with the Gospel & Culture Conference this weekend! God was at work in a major way in all of the “glimpses” on Friday night and the fabulous programs at St. Bart’s yesterday. Thank you for facilitating such an incredible opportunity for all of us to reconnect with the redemptive work that He is doing throughout the City each and every day.

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