This Easter, give to bring hope to our neighbors in need

Every Easter, in fellowship with the church across the centuries and the world, Redeemer receives an Easter Sacrificial Offering. Each year this goes to support the work of Hope for New York, our partner for loving and serving New Yorkers in need across our city.

We do this as a sign that Easter isn’t just a celebration for us to enjoy, but a power that sends us out to bring resurrection joy to the world. At this time, we remember especially those in our city who are marginalized or experiencing poverty.

100% of what you give on Easter will go to support the programs of Hope for New York’s 50+ non-profit affiliates, including food and shelter for the homeless, job skills training, youth mentoring, and more.

Will you consider giving generously to support the work of Hope for New York this Easter? You can give in-service on Easter Sunday or at

What can your gift do for our neighbors in need?

  • $1,000 can provide free legal services for two New Yorkers in need
  • $500 can provide year-round mentoring and a supportive community for three teen moms.
  • $250 can provide healthy meals and community support for five families.
  • $100 can provide medical care for five homeless patients.

Our prayer this Easter is that you will continue to live out the hope and power of the resurrection in our city.

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