Rise financial overview

Our overall goal for Rise is to raise $80M over three years, to be spent over four years. The plan has been to raise roughly half from Redeemer and half from partners outside of Redeemer. To date, we have raised a total of $52 million, $32 million from Redeemer and $20 million outside of Redeemer. We are meeting with potential external partners over the next six to twelve months in hopes of raising the remaining $28 million.

If you haven’t made a pledge, it’s not too late to make one!
You can make a Rise pledge anytime at redeemer.com/risepledge. We hope people will make pledges over the coming months, to get us closer to our financial goal.

If you made a pledge, it’s not too early to start fulfilling it!
You can make one-time donations against your pledge or set-up a recurring plan at redeemer.com/giving.

Rise Phase One: 2016–2019
All funds donated to the Redeemer Rise Campaign will be stewarded and held by Redeemer Presbyterian Church with oversight by the Redeemer elders. The below chart represents our target $80M project budget. If funds raised are above or below that total, the elders in partnership with the staff leadership will determine the appropriate allocation of funds to projects and will report back to donors with those plans. For more details about the items listed below, go to: rise.redeemer.com/resources and download the pdf: “Where will the money go?”.

* We want to be sure you’re aware that a portion of any funds you donate to Redeemer as part of the Rise Campaign may be given to Redeemer City to City, a separate organization affiliated with and founded by Redeemer that has developed expertise in church planting and church leadership recruitment and development over the past 15 years; funds given to City to City will be used for planting non-Redeemer churches and for scholarships for potential non-Redeemer pastors. What portion of your funds is given to Redeemer City to City will depend on a variety of factors, including the total amount raised and the purpose for which it is donated, but if we were to raise $80M, it would be around $22M.

1. City Church Planting $14.5 Million

3 New Redeemer Sites


14–18 Center-City Congregations*


17–25 Non-Center City Congregations*


24–41 Bi-Vocational Congregations*


RPC Transition Cost


2. Leadership Development

$19.9 Million

70–104 Seminary Scholarships*


320 Apprentices in “Calling to Ministry” Program*


20–32 Ministry Internships*


50 Masters Students in “City Ministry Year”*


450 Participants in other Training Programs*


Public Faith and evangelism training*


Seminary Lecture Series*


12 Residents in RPC Residency Program


Lay Leadership Training and Gotham expansion


3. Facilities and Real Estate

$45.0 Million

Purchase/construct a $60M Redeemer ES Building


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