New Book of Prayer written by Redeemer congregants for Rise

At all Sunday services on May 1, we handed out copies of a new book written by Redeemer congregants titled Prayers of the People.

Written by artists, attorneys, bankers, ballet dancers, and other Christians representing dozens of callings, Prayers of the People is a record of the search for the still, small voice of God in one of the busiest cities on earth. The circumstances of each writer are unique, but the themes occupying their meditations are universal: sin, grace, and ultimately, hope.

This is a book for those seeking a richer experience with God, a greater appreciation for his work in the world, and a deeper understanding of themselves. Organized as a month-long course of prayer, this diverse collection guides readers through more than 60 examples of imperfect, but authentic modern faith. It reminds us that the gospel changes everything because it can change anyone.

As Tim Keller wrote in the foreword, “In Prayers of the People, you hear a remarkable diversity of people, all praising, confessing, thanking, and petitioning God. Listen carefully, and you will find that each soul is communicating its unique vision of God to you. And so we are enriched as we can be in no other way.”

This book was created as both a testimony to and a tool for Rise. Prayers of the People is a testimony to the vision of a movement of people throughout New York City, all seeking God and serving their neighbors in dozens of ways that no single organization could plan. It is a picture of a movement in action. As a tool, this book helps readers expand their
notions of how to pray and how to seek God on behalf of the city.

Although we have given away all 5000 free copies, Prayers of the People can be purchased through and through All proceeds go to support the Rise Campaign.

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