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Redeemer Counseling Services is shaped at its core by the foundation of the Gospel and its power to transform and heal lives. Our primary aim in our counseling approach has been to make the gospel central in the counseling process. For over a decade, counselors at Redeemer Counseling have collaborated to create a distinct Gospel-Centered Psychotherapy, a framework based on biblical foundations that supplements and transforms the counseling process by making it Gospel-centered.

Along with Redeemer Churches and Ministries, Redeemer Counseling has a love for the Gospel and cultural renewal. Since 2012, Redeemer Counseling began conducting research to validate Gospel-Centered Psychotherapy and to build credibility in the field of psychology. Then just last year we were given a very special opportunity when one of our counselors, Elena E. Kim, was granted $15,000 by The John Templeton Foundation to spearhead the effort of gathering empirical data to support and validate the effectiveness of our Gospel-Centered Psychotherapy. As part of that research, Redeemer Counseling was chosen as one of 22 selected sites to participate in this international effort to validate spiritually oriented psychotherapies.

It gives us great joy to be given this opportunity, and we ask that you participate in this effort by helping us raise $50,000 over the next two years. The funds will go towards the many hours of conducting research and data analysis, staffing and additional resources. To find more information about our research project and funding goals, please visit:

Please partner with us as we introduce the power of the Gospel into the field of psychology through our approach, Gospel-Centered Psychotherapy.

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