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The Center for Faith & Work (CFW) is pleased to announce the newest phase of its fifteen-year history as its staff joins Redeemer City to City (CTC) and continues to serve the Redeemer churches and New York City, while over time broadening its reach to global cities.

“Redeemer is changing with CFW because Redeemer is now not one church, it’s a family of three churches, which means it’s immediately looking outward to bless the whole city,” says Redeemer’s founding pastor Tim Keller. “Redeemer has become centrifugal; that is, it’s starting to push out to start new churches and help others start new churches. And so Redeemer is actually looking outwards, just like CFW will be looking outward, beyond Redeemer. They’re both making the same change at the same time. If CFW stays locked in Redeemer alone, then I don’t think a lot of its wisdom will be as available to the world. This is why now is the optimal time to do this.”

Throughout its existence, CFW has encountered New Yorkers of all backgrounds facing a decidedly more global vocational culture. In our quickly changing world, the need for new tools, curriculum, and communities that help Christians wisely and meaningfully bring their faith to bear at work, across all spheres, is paramount.

City to City provides a developed network and infrastructure to strengthen CFW in its three-fold aim of equipping, connecting, and mobilizing Christians around the world in faith and work integration. City to City ensures a centralized effort towards that global expansion, while continuing a close and collaborative relationship with the Redeemer Presbyterian Churches.

“The last fifteen years of CFW’s ministry have paved the way for this bold new step. God’s faithfulness to CFW has shown us more growth than we could have ever imagined. The demand for programs like the Gotham Fellowship, our calling and prayer workshops, arts programming, vocational intensives, and more, has proven to be stronger than we could have anticipated,” says CFW Executive Director David H. Kim. “We enter this new phase standing on the shoulders of Timothy Keller and Katherine Leary Alsdorf, while continuing to work with Redeemer leaders, David Bisgrove, John Lin, and Abraham Cho. We are thrilled to join the team at City to City where there is a deep resonance and shared excitement for a growing gospel vision in leading cities throughout the world.”

“Redeemer City to City’s vision is for a world-changing, city-renewing, gospel-centered global church,” says City to City Chief Executive Officer Steve Shackelford. “And our mission is to prayerfully recruit, train, coach and resource leaders who cultivate and steward gospel movements in the global cities of the world. Historically, our focus has been on pastors that have a heart for planting a church in their global city. That will not change but I view the adjacency of what CFW does — training lay leaders in these churches — as beautifully complementary. I believe the combination of training, mentoring and coaching church planters alongside now the training of lay leaders to be a unique and potent combination.”

CFW staff will transition to CTC in January 2018 where it will continue to support all of the Redeemer faith and work programming and events such as The Gotham Fellowship, Faith & Work Courses, Conferences and cultural events. This April, Redeemer and CFW will host its seventh annual Faith & Work Conference, a two-day gathering to experience how the gospel forms us to work for the glory of God. On February 21st, Redeemer and CFW will host Pulitzer Prize winning author Marilynne Robinson, to discuss her own notable integration of faith and work, and hear from her latest book, What Are We Doing Here?, a sagacious collection of essays that explore the mysteries of faith and the climate of American cultural and political life.

The Center for Faith & Work exists to equip churches to build programs that explore and investigate the gospel’s unique power to renew hearts, communities, and the world, in and through our day-to-day work. To learn more about the Center for Faith & Work — including resources, classes, and events — visit

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