Redeemer Counseling is Starting a Newsletter for Individuals

People seek counseling for various needs, but at the root, all of us resonate with the pervasive pain of not being enough regardless of who we are in society. In counseling, we want relief from our struggles, but also to quiet the persistent wondering of Am I enough? Or Am I worthy? The answer to these questions come as we unpack our life stories from the development years and beyond and connect it back to The Story of God — how he created us for relationship with him and how he is present with us now through victories and failures. In God’s story, our identify is affirmed and given the resources to endure through challenges of life and live freely.

For almost 30 years, Redeemer Counseling has pursued making the gospel relevant in counseling care and it has expanded steadily to become a resource for the whole city, partnering with more than 25 church communities locally and internationally. Our vision is to reach people from all walks of life with the redemptive power of the gospel through 3 focus areas:

• Providing affordable gospel centered counseling to people in the New York Metro Area

• Equipping pastors, church staff and professional counselors with gospel centered counseling tools domestically and internationally

• Sponsoring academic research to understand the effectiveness of gospel centered counseling for global impact

As the needs for counseling have grown, so has our mission. We are grateful and excited about what God is doing and want to share with you what Redeemer Counseling does in transforming lives, equipping others to do the same, and influencing the field with God’s truth.

To that end, we are launching a new monthly newsletter, Redeemer Counseling Updates, to share the latest news and gospel-centered counseling applied to the struggles many people face. We hope it may speak to your needs or give light and sensitivity to those around you who may be going through a difficult season.

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