A Snapshot from the Spiritual Growth Survey

Earlier this year with the assistance of the Barna group, Redeemer’s churches conducted a Redeemer-wide census and each church conducted a spiritual health survey. Below are three areas of comparison that provide a snapshot of some areas where we have seen growth.

Please note that 2019 saw a decline in survey participation from previous years, and despite efforts to cast a wider net, this year’s sample includes a higher proportion of those who are more engaged at Redeemer.

1. Knowing God's Word
% Reading or Listening to the Bible Every Day or Almost Every Day on Their Own

Sample Sizes: 2017: 1549; 2018: 1425; 2019: 905

2. Living Out God’s Call
% Serving the Poor and Marginalized
2017-2018: “Very often” was undefined.
2019: “Very often” defined as at least several times per month.
Sample Sizes: 2017:
1549; 2018: 1425; 2019: 905

3. Sharing God’s Love
% Sharing the Gospel with Non-Christian Family, Friends, or Co-Workers

2015: "Very often" defined as more than 8x in the last year.
2018: “Very often” was undefined.
2019: "Very often" defined as at least monthly.

Sample sizes: 2015: 2193; 2018: 1425; 2019: 905

Notes: 2015 data was from the Redeemer-wide census
Spring 2019 was a Public Faith equipping season

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