Join a City Walk and cross boundaries with Redeemer partners

As Christians we are called to a deep and authentic unity across boundaries of race, class, and culture (Colossians 3:11-13).

Here in New York City, even though we encounter myriad people of different backgrounds every day, many of us must admit that we have a difficult time understanding or entering into the experiences of our brothers and sisters of different races, classes, or cultures. We don’t experience a sense of unity or reconciliation. And, many times, these barriers can run along geographic or economic lines.

In January we had a talk and panel discussion about “Why Race Matters to God and What That Means to Us.” The video of the Rev. Abe Cho’s talk about how God created us both different and yet deeply interdependent by design is available at

This month, our Grace & Race initiative is organizing a set of “City Walks.” These seek to explore a New York City neighborhood by crossing socioeconomic boundaries and learning about the experiences of those who live and serve there through the lens of Redeemer partners.

These walking tours will be hosted by City to City church planters and Hope for New York non-profit affiliates who live, worship, and work in neighborhoods that reflect the rich diversity of this city. On these excursions you will join other Redeemerites to hear stories about the history of a neighborhood, its beauty, its brokenness, its systemic issues related to poverty or race, and the unique ways in which God’s presence is manifested there.

This is primarily an opportunity to learn about a NYC neighborhood that you may be unfamiliar with, but there will be ways to connect with what God is doing in the neighborhood throughout the year. You may recognize some of these church planters who were profiled our Stories of Renewal.

The walks will be hosted by:

Dwell Church & Bowery Mission

Chinese Christian Herald Crusades

Downtown Brooklyn:
Recovery House of Worship

West Harlem:
Renaissance NYC Church & Young Life

East Harlem:
Metro Hope, Exodus Transitional Center

Washington Heights:
Christ Crucified Fellowship, Operation Exodus

South Bronx:
Restoration Community Church, A House on Beekman

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