International Launch of Prodigal Study Package

Through the Fall of last year, the team at Redeemer preached a series of sermons on The Parable of the Prodigal Son. It is a familiar passage to longtime Redeemerites, as it is one of the foundational texts for our church. We are now entering a season in the life of our church where it is our privilege to share the seminal wisdom that has shaped our growth. In October, Penguin published a book by Tim Keller entitled The Prodigal God. Now, Redeemer City to City and Zondervan are accompanying the book with a forty minute dramatic film of Tim teaching on the parable, as well as a discussion guide to help others delve deeper.

Over the course Redeemer’s 20 years in New York, Tim and the preaching staff have learned to address believers and skeptics alike. Like the sermons and book, the film and discussion guide explore Jesus’ most familiar parable to find its surprising truth for all readers. In six sessions, small groups or entire churches can glean insights from each of the characters in Jesus’ parable: the irreligious younger son, the moralistic elder son, and the father who lavishes his love on both. As we join the runaway son on his journey and witness the older son’s reaction to his brother’s return, we discover a recklessly extravagant father whose infinite grace challenges and embraces both the wayward and the devout.

The film and discussion guide will be launched on August 6 at the 2009 Willow Creek Leadership Summit, where Tim will be a featured plenary speaker. He will be talking about the parable in two parts. First, Tim will summarize the text and, second, he will reflect on how to use the parable to bring gospel renewal to both younger and elder brothers in the church. The Leadership Summit is simulcast to over 60,000 leaders at 140 locations in the US, then distributed to over 40,000 people in countries outside the US during the following months.

Our prayer is that both “younger brothers” and “elder brothers” will read the book, watch the film and discuss them in community, so that they realize that the only way home is to accept the lavish, reckless, and abundant love of a prodigal God.

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