In The Living Room: A Seven-Week Faith & Arts Study

Since its inception seven years ago, InterArts Fellowship (IAF) has gathered artists of all disciplines to showcase their work and talk about their faith. While IAF is a dynamic and well-attended quarterly meeting, our artists also felt the need for a more intimate setting to share their faith journeys. This fall we piloted a seven-week art and faith study entitled, In the Living Room. In the Living Room takes the IAF conversations abit deeper, chiefly looking at the role of the artist through the prism of the gospel. The gospel “refracts”the call of artist into as the spectrums of: creator, disciple, theologian, servant, cultivator, and responder to beauty.

In the beautiful living room of a Redeemer artist, the group was able to wrestle with the God’s call to an artists. One highlight of the seven weeks was our salon evening. Fellowship Group director Steve Schaffer began with a meditation on the Incarnation ( Four artists’ presentations made gospel truths more apparent. Knowledge of God was deepened that evening through real people using an artistic medium to communicate what God was doing in their lives. We were all acutely aware that God was at work, not just during the salon evening but throughout the study, as well as through each artist’s faith journey. We felt privileged to learn from one another and pray for each other. We bonded and connected through Christ and our appreciation of art. I think it is safe to say this small group felt they had found a home at Redeemer.

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